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Organic Crib Sheet, Mini Co-Sleeper, Co-Sleeper, Pack n Play, Mini Crib, Fitted Crib Sheet, Anya, Toadstools, Toddler Sheet, Owls, Hedgehogs

$ 26.00

Organic crib sheet, mini co-sleeper, co-sleeper, pack n play, mini crib, toddler sheet, crib sheet, toadstools

Darling organic crib sheets in whatever size you need. Chose from 5 fabrics from the Anya collection, GOTS certified 100% organic fabrics from Monaluna. And Fern, the panda, and Franklin Delano the llama our mascots from Fluffmonger*, just love them all. These are great gender neutral prints! The fabrics include toadstools on gray background, hedgehogs on teal, owls on yellow-green, a floral pattern reminiscent of tile, and dandelions on a blue background. Choose you sheet size and fabric to the right!

You can buy this sheet in any size to fit your co-sleeper, mini crib etc. We've listed several common sizes below (pick from variations to the right, to buy), but if you don't see what you need just let us know and we'll make it. Sheets fit best if they are at least 1.5 inches deeper than the mattress! If you are unsure of what size you need, message us and we can help.
Mini co-sleeper size 1 (e.g. Arms Reach cambria & clearvue) 18 x 31.5 x 3 $26.00
Mini co-sleeper size 2 (e.g. Arms Reach mini) 19 x 31.5 x 3 $26.00
Mini co-sleeper size 3 (e.g. Arms Reach mini ARC) 19 x 32.5 x 3 $26.00
Co-sleeper size (e.g. Arms Reach IDEAL) 24 x 38 x 3 $30.00
Co-sleeper size (e.g. Arms Reach ORIGINAL co-sleeper) 26 x 38 x 3 $30.00
Mini crib size (e.g. Alma Bloom) 18 x 35.5 x 5 $31.00
Pack n' Play size (e.g. Graco) 27 x 39 x 4 $32.00
Mini crib size 24 x 38 x 4.5 $32.00
Mini crib size 24 x 38 x 7.5 $36
Standard crib size 28 x 52 x 8 $45
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The sheets are fully elasticized and each corner is serged for durability.

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Fabric has been prewashed in vinegar and baking soda (no harmful chemicals or scents) to minimize shrinkage.
Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.

*Fern the panda and Franklin Delano the llama are from Fluffmonger: